How Psychic Reading on the Phone Works

Psychics are the individuals who are believed to have the unusual ability to read one’s past and future happenings. These include the significant events like birth, death, getting fortunes and luck, bankruptcy, tragedy, relationships and love life.

People are getting fascinated with their talent as they can read certain events from the past and future which are in line with their present. Psychics have different ways of predicting the happenings on a person’s life. Among these are through astrology, tarot cards, crystal balls, palm reading, aura and reading through personal choice.

The latter is very popular on the internet where clients are given sets of images, and they are going to pick from these. The psychic then analyze the choices and results are given afterward. A variety of this virtual reading is calling on phones or lines. Here’s how this particular psychic reading works.

  • The tone of your voice. This is on top of the things psychic take note when they are trying to read you over the phone. The pitch of your voice and how you handle the flow of the talk when it comes with its tone is a good basis for them to read you. They can also predict what you are going through at the moment. Catching you off guard with their predictions is a good sign for them they are on the right track of reading through your voice.
  • Construction of lines/sentences. There is something with how you assemble your words that psychic can read something about you. Simple sentences of delivering your thoughts mean you are in good or just in a relaxed condition, while those that are constructed with complexity mean there is something wrong or troubling you. Others use reverse psychology to further their observation and reading on your lines.
  • The choice of words you are using. This is one of the good points for psychics to consider when reading you over the phone. They tend to notice your choice of words as they best express your current state and the past events in your life.
  • Personal information you gave them. Giving a bit of your personal information already means a lot to them. This would give those hints what are the happenings going through and those that happened from the past.
  • Your reaction. Whatever it is that comes out from you are used by the psychics to read you. Particularly on your reaction every time they are saying something that is true. It gives them the idea of going on as they sort things out based on your reaction and predict your past experiences and current status.

Here’s some more insight by Tana Hoy:

Dealing with psychic readings over the phone could be very challenged on their part, as they don’t see your reaction or your aura. However, the criteria mentioned above are the good basis for them to read you and predict the happenings you have encountered and the current state of your mind.

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