Are Free Psychic Readings Really Free?

Before we answer that, here are some things you should try to consider the psychic profession.

Psychics are people too. They eat the food we eat, they live in houses and they have bills to pay. Their profession is supposed to pay for these things.

Now, when you see the word free, or there’s an offer for something free, there is still the need to fund that free object to be handed over to you at no charge. This usually entails someone sponsoring the object so you don’t have to pay for it.

The sponsors can either be the psychic themselves or another business entity who has vested interest in the psychic. This is where advertisers usually come in.

If you go to most psychic websites, you’re bound to see an ad or two. The next time you feel irked about seeing an ad, think about how that ad is paying for the free consultation you’re getting. This puts things in perspective, right?

The free psychic reading you’re getting is probably just a surface reading for the psychic to have initial contact with you. This works both ways, you get the reading done and the psychic has initial interactions with you. The outcome that the psychic wants to get from this is for you to have a taste of the service they can provide. Depending on the level of satisfaction you get out of the service they provide, there is a chance of you becoming a regular client.

So in effect, this free interaction will be subsidized later by the succeeding visits you make.

But the greatest way for a psychic to earn passive income so they can provide free service is through being affiliates. By providing advertising space to affiliate marketers, psychics can earn money on a more consistent basis. The more times people view these ads, the more money coming in for the psychics. This, in turn, pays for the “free” service they provide.

So to answer the question: Are free psychic readings really free?

The straight answer is “no”.

Nothing is free in this world.

But then again, everything that is of value has a price and psychic readings are worth a lot!

Lastly, everything has a value no matter if it is tangible or intangible. Value is based on the perception of the customer as well as the provider. Even if the service the psychic is providing are words and guidance, they still need to buy food and have a roof over their heads.

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