7 Valuable Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Call With Our Psychic

Doing a psychic reading over a phone call is a bit different from having a one-to-one meeting in person. But it’s not just a real possibility but a necessity if you are unable to travel for it.

Having said this, studies have shown that the optimum results are noticed when both the medium and the querent are completely prepared for the act, regardless of their location.

This post shares 7 valuable tips you can keep in mind if you are serious about that next psychic phone reading.

#1 Take sufficient rest

You may call a relaxed body along with a peaceful mind as a basic requirement for a psychic reading to work.


If you avoid this one, it can result in a wrong reading. This will happen because if you are not completely rested, your mind will naturally wander about.

But, you need to be present and centered for getting a reading to begin with. So, sit down in a cozy corner and take some rest before you are ready to jump on the call.

#2 Meditate

No fortune teller will teach you how to do it, but nothing works better than meditation if all you want to do it free your mind from all the clutter in order to think and perceive clearly.

Just sit straight and start focusing on your breath, to begin with, if you are foreign to the practice of meditation.

You may try out mindfulness meditation too, which is a popular form of meditation that originated from Buddhist philosophies.

It can work wonders if you find it tough to keep your mind silent even for a moment.

#3 Eliminate distractions

Distractions are your biggest enemies when you are on a call with the psychic reader.

With a wandering and distracted mind, you will only reduce your chances of getting any reading at all, let alone an accurate reading.

Even if you’ve succeeded in quieting your mind, the reading is not going to manifest for you if you still get to hear noises from the outside world.

So, turn off that TV, mute those notifications, and put your pets away for a while if you don’t want to regret later.

#4 Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated enough and breathing deeply should be able to help you get past of your fears and emotions.

To maintain a good mood throughout the session without breaking down in between, you need to drink at least a glass of water before the session.

Goes without saying, drink more if you get thirsty during the call.

#5 Breathe deeply

Add to all this the technique of having deep breaths and you will remain centered and focused during the entire stretch of the call.

This is highly effective for not letting emotions have control over you and affect your choices at any point of time in the reading.

In case you have never tried this technique before, you will be shocked by the results you will notice almost as soon as you start breathing deeply.

#6 Get into the right mindset and figure out what you want to accomplish

Before the psychic phone readings, querents should reflect on what exactly they plan to accomplish from the reading.

Whether you want to communicate with your relative or friend who has passed away, or want hints about your current relationship, or note down your goal on a piece of paper and hold it in front of your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Basically, you need to identify the goals for any psychic reading to work for you and focus all of your thoughts on them.

#7 List down your questions

Now that you have identified your goals and know exactly what you want from the reading, here comes the most important step of them all – preparing your questions for the reader.

Try framing open and unbiased questions to avoid letting any kind of predicament affect your reading.

It’s also advised that you refrain from asking simple ‘yes or no’ kind of questions since this wouldn’t typically go well with the underlying purpose of psychic readings, especially that of Tarot reading, that relies on the interpretation of the hidden meaning behind the cards in relation to your question.

Writing down your questions on a piece of paper is a great way to prepare yourself for the reading and to ensure you don’t forget them when you are on the call with the psychic reader.

Final Thoughts

Lack of preparation is one of the most common causes for a failed or inaccurate psychic reading.

By preparing for your psychic reading in advance, you can ensure that you get the most out it.

Not just this, it has the potential of changing your life for ever if you are willing to put in the efforts to prepare yourself for the call.