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What are psychic readings?

Psychic reading in San Diego happens when a reader gains information about the future and what may happen in your life through their heightened awareness of the world around them.

A psychic is said to have a sixth sense, sometimes called extrasensory perception or ESP, which allows them to extend beyond the basic senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch to sense things that others cannot.

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Among the abilities that psychic taps into are clairvoyance (being able to see visions of persons or events that are far into the future), clairsentience (acquiring psychic knowledge by feeling objects), and clairaudience (extrasensory perception by hearing voices from the past or future)

Since ancient times, world leaders have consulted psychics to divine their fortunes and spiritual connection.

Fortune tellers and dream interpretation are found throughout the Bible – consider the famous story of Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob, who foretold great famine in Egypt and was rewarded by the Pharaoh – and throughout history, assisting kings, queens, emperors, and presidents in their rule.

During a reading session, the medium tries to become one with you, understanding you and all those who are close to you, both living and dead, and in this way help you understand what is happening in your life and what likely will happen in the future.

What kinds of readings are there in San Diego?

When it comes to fortune telling, we may picture a mysterious robed individual sitting at a table, gazing into a crystal ball and telling your future. However, there are many ways in which psychics deliver their readings for a client. Here are but a few:

Mediums from San Diego:

These readings, also known as séances, involve contact with the spirits of deceased individuals – and sometimes connect beloved pets as well. This can also take the form of channeling when the psychic medium in San Diego allows the spirit to take over their body to speak directly with you.

Palm reading in San Diego:

A psychic uses the shape of your hands, the lines on your palm and fingers, and the length of your fingers. Different lines reveal different aspects of your personality and character, as well as what destiny awaits you. The major lines of your hand are the lifeline, heart line, and headline.


A psychic San Diego creates a chart based on your birthday and name, then is able to divine ways for self-improvement and growth based on your Life Path number.

The Greek mathematician Pythagoras – think the Pythagorean theorem from your middle school geometry class – believed the universe was governed by numerology and created one of the most widely used systems around.

Psychic San Diego

Tarot reading:

This is one of the most popular types of readings. Psychic lays out the 78-card deck in spreads, then places the cards in a specific pattern and position on the table. Each card and combination have distinct meanings, which the reader then interprets.


We’re all familiar with two different astrologers – Western, which produces the horoscopes you read in the morning newspaper, and Chinese, which you often find on the table mat of your favorite restaurant – but there are other types a psychic reader can use.

Astrologers use your birthday and the corresponding zodiac sign to make predictions and determine the direction your life is headed based on the placement of the planets and the stars.

Aura reading:

You must visit a spiritualist or psychic to receive this specialized reading. He must be able to see your aura, a color outline that emanates from the body. Auras come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which change based on a person’s mood or physical health.


These readings require a psychic with a keen sense of clairsentience. The psychic holds or touches a person’s objects to get glimpses into their life. Psychometry is useful for law enforcement agencies in locating missing people or solving crimes.

Why should I get a reading in San Diego?

· You’re unsure about a decision you’re about to make and need a second opinion from psychics;

· You’re reconsidering your life’s choices and want spiritual insight into your destiny;

· You’re not understanding why something is happening and want psychics to look deeper into the situation before moving forward.

What are some keys to good reading in San Diego?

· Ask the right questions: Ever watch Law and Order and see an attorney object to a question as leading? The same goes for your reading. Don’t lead your psychic chat down the wrong road, giving you the answers you want to hear. Ask open-ended questions to start your reading, then close-ended questions at the end that target your specific needs.

· Find the right medium in San Diego: Different types of readings require different types of psychics. Make a connection with one who is gifted in the type of reading you want and whose style matches your personality.

· Relax and be mentally prepared: You want the energy flowing to the psychic. If you’re a bundle of nerves, that can block the energy flow. Also, being prepared helps the psychic to focus on what you need from the reading.

How can San Diego’s medium readings help you?

An online psychic reading may shock you or provide you with insights about yourself that you had no idea existed. The goal should be to give you clarity about yourself and a perspective you otherwise could not tap. The valuable information you receive from your personalized reading can help you make the right decisions going forward.

Be sure to have realistic expectations, though. Psychics are not mind-readers, and they are not going to divine arcane details such as what color shirt you wore to your third-grade class in 1989. But if you go in with an open mind and are willing to have an honest conversation with them, you’ll be amazed at the awareness that you’ll gain.

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